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 Chrono 8 – Berghem 23 oktober 2011


 Last race of the Chrono and last race of the season. I am currently eighth in the championship. I’m number 8 and it would be nice if I can hold on. This week I have spring break. I look forward to Thursday night, because then Axel Charpentier with his father to sleep with us. Axel runs in the Micromax class and come here from Madrid to race hear.  

Berghem Chrono 8


Thursday evening I went with my mother to Schiphol to surprise Axel on his arrival. We had some bad luck, because we missed the Fyra (Highspeed train) and so we arrived a half an hour later than we wanted at Schiphol. We were lucky that also the plane was delayed. And so we were on time at the exit of terminal 2. With the car, which Axel’s father had hired, we drove back home. My mother was a good TomTom. It was already late when we arrived home. We went directly to bed. We slept together in the attic room. There is a tv and we have looked a program, secretely .

The training began at noon on Friday. Axel?s kart still had to be built.  Axel’s father, Henry, dragged a huge Suitcase, containing all kinds of stuff for the kart. It was beautiful weather, no cloud to air, but not too warm. At night there was even been night frost. In the first training I had to running-in my engine. This was just overhauled and had gotten a new connecting rod and piston. The engine grumbled. In the next session, when I could go full, simmer and remained content. My father did not know immediately what it was. Probably something electric. Luckily I Jacco van Dijk gave me engine to use. My father tried small different settings and it was getting better and better. In the evening we drove back home just to eat there and sleep. It’s only an hour away and Axel and I noticed there’s nothing of, because we played on the I-pad.

On Saturday it was actually the same. Tried different settings and it became better and better.

Sunday ? the racing day. Now we had to be ready earlier. At 9.30 there was the drivers briefing. Dad and Henry previously left the house, because there had to retrieved the kart, race tyres and had to go to the technical inspection. By the time we arrived, this all was already done.

 At 10.15 hours first training session. My father forgot to put the transponder on the kart and therefore my time did not popped-up on the screen. I compared the time of my laptimer with the list of the others and I would have had the 5th time.
Than qualifying. I had the opportunity to go after Dennis Tijs, also a fast driver, and was able to set a good time. Also he drove behind me and could set a good time. I had the 4th time.
The first race I became 3th. The second race, I lost a couple of places, because I had to drive to the dirt and so I lost grip. After a few rounds I picked up the grip again and could drive excellent times. Number 3 and other where not so far away from me, when the race was finished. What if the race had last two rounds longer?
Een troost
Podium that day was: 1. Gijs Busser, 2. Dennis Tijs, 3. Joey Alders, 4. Rowan Grinwis en 5. Niels de Vries

A nice ending to the season. I expect to be 8 of the 40 competitors of this season.



BNL Genk ? race 20-21 August 2011

 BNL Genk 1

After a night with guest, Victor Oberg and his mecanic/friend Simon stayed with us for the night, we drove with 3 cars at about half past five direction Genk.  

We had heard that there had been extreme weather near to Hasselt, where at the music festival Pukkelpop, due to this already 3 people died. That the weather also was very bad at Genk could be noticed by looking at the tent. An enormous waterbag had to be emptied and the swimming pool inside the tent had to be broomed outside. The tent was damaged as well. It showed holes were they weren?t supposed to be.
After cleaning we immediately started to prepair the kart to be ready at the first practise at 10.15 hrs. We made it. Also the Spanish and France drivers arrived at the tent. Ronald Montfoort told the story of the heavy rain the day before which had also flooded the hotel Stiemerheide. The carpet of his floor was wet. Hopefully this would be solved by the night, because we had booked there as well.

The practises went well. I was 0,2 seconds less fast as the first one and about second or thirth best. This was a problem for my dad, for my mom not.
That evening we could not go for a swim. Due to cleaning up it had become so late that this wasn?t possible anymore. I eat spare-ribs and went to bed at the same time as Arthur, Axel, Hugo en Ayrthon, for the next day was a race day.

We were all at half past 7 at the breakfast, but before that I had a swim with my mom at 7 O?clock. There was nobody else in the swimming pool.
At 8 we were at the track. The hotel was just 2 kilometers of the track. There was a kind of stress. The micro had to fit the gasket of the exhaust and had it sealed and also mount a mobine before 9 hrs. Almost impossible to do, because the parts could be collected from 8 o?clock.
At 9.15 hrs it was my practise time. The track was wet and the best time drive was about 1?23?, this is 25 more than on a dry track. At qualification the track was almost dry. Difficult to decide what to do with the tyre pressure. My result was the 15the place at the starting grid. 

In the first race I became 9th, but I became sick. I was warm, head- and stomach-ache made me feel quite lousy. I blow cold air of the compressor on my stomach. This released the pain a bit. My mom had given me a pill and before the second race I fellt a little better. I became 4th. We cleaned everything up as soon as we could and back in the hotel we had time to swim with the Charpentier family and after this we dined on the outside terrace.

On Sunday we had race 3 and 4 and also new qualifications. AgainBNL3 -4eprijs my time was not so good. I had no puller before me. The same had happend the day before. I wanted to drive behind Max Timmermans, but he didn?t allow me than. Today I went ahead very much in front of him, but I spinned and became behind Max. I though, I am going to chase him, but he let go his speed and chased me and he became 3th. I kind of dishonest. He chased me, but I am not allowed to chase him. 

From the 12th place I became 4th in the first race, inspite of that I was ill gain. In the second race I became 3th. I could follow 1 and 2 quit well, but didn?t have enough left to overtake them.

Over the whole weekend I became 4th and was at the podium (or just aside of it). Podium BNL3
Gijs Busser 5, Charles Op den Beeck 3, Michael Kuiper 1, Eric Stahl 2 en ik 4.

Unfortunately it was not enough to enter te podium for the whole championship. In this a became 6he. First was Max Timmermans, 2e Michael Kuiper, 3th Eric Stahl and than Charles Op de Beeck 4 and Gijs Busser 5th.

Next race is the first weekend of September at Hahn, Germany. My favourite track!




Berghem July 3 ? Chrono 5

This is the First weekend of my schoolholiday. On Friday I was already off, but my father was at Zuera and my mother had to work. So no practise for me.
On Saturday the practise started at 12 O?clock. We had time enough to unload the kart and other stuff. This weekend Vincent Vuijk was there to help me. This was arranged by my father, for my mother would be the mechanic for Amber again. But she wasn?t joining this races. But agreed is agreed and it also good to have someone else to take care of you and given you advise. Vincent wasn?t alone, also Davey Koch was there. So I end up with 2 ?. 3 mechanics taken care of me. What a luxury. At practise I did my best. Vincent gave me several different advises which I tried to follow up, which is not always that easy. I already have my way of driving and I had to do my best to take corners differently. Sometimes I managed and sometimes I could not or forgot. In a nutshell: times were not so bad and after five stings we went home early.

On Sunday July 3th we were at 8 O?clock at the track. First we had to collect the tires for the race. After this there was time enough to play with Kenny Roosens, the scooter of Denise and other children. At about 10 O?clock it was qualification. I gained the 14th place at the grid. In prefinal I became 14th. Not much better, but also not much worse. For the second race something was changed at the carburator to have more power in after the corners. But this did not turned out as expected. I had a bad start. It feld like it didn?t want to go, but I could continue. After a round of 4 there was an accident. What had happened. Denise de Rooy had hit tires and was lifted out of her kart. She landed into the tires and luckily the kart didn?t landed on her and there were no other karts who could have hit her. For a while it didn?t look nice and we all had to go to the starting line. After Denise was off the track we had to start again. We didn?t start again, but were set at the track as we drove at the last round before the accident. That was a pitty for me, because my engine wasn?t running the way it should. I couldn?t speed it. I tried to make notice of it, but than we were already set at the track. I had to start from approximately 23th place. This time I had a better start, but the engine still had problems. I did my best and became 17th. A bit unexpect, but due to some disqualifications. We looked again at the carburator and than noticed that the choke was out and it is a small miracle that the kart engine it kept on rolling.

In the championship I am at the 12th place. Becoming number 1 will be very difficult.

Next Chrono 6 and 7 are on 3 and 4 September at the track of Hahn ? Germany.




Chrono 3 and  4 ? Elftlandring ? Kerpen
June 2-5, 2011
On Thursday is was holiday, so we had an extra day to practise. Amber and Joeri Vasterman slept at our house and joint us in the car. Cosy! We met there farther, who was on the way with his truck, just before Kerpen. First we went to fill up the fuel tanks for the race. We were still earlier on the track than the truck. With it?s arrival a problem arised. There was a large spot reserved for the truck and the tents, but getting there was the problem. After approximately one hour of going two steps forward and one step back. Looking going forward, going back, etc. The truck stood at its place where it was supposed to be. And two hours after this, all karts were in the tent and ready to prepared. My father took care of my kart and my mother was the mechanic of Girl Power Amber. That day it was a nice day of practise. At night we went to diner at Henry?s steakhouse. A restaurant near to our hotel.
On Friday Axel Charpentier was also there. He arrived at midnight from Spain. It was nice to see him again. We played that day and we could practise 5 times. I had lost some time after I crashed. My father was able to straighten te kart after it was bended.
At night I went out for diner with only my friends, Ruben Real del Sartre, Nick Duncker and Axel Charpentier, to Mac Donald. NO PARENTS. After this time to go to bed.

Saturday June 4 ? Chrono 3, race day
The weather has been very good the last week. Also today it was warm and hot. It became a day of accidents. With each race there was an accident. I never saw so many ambulances on a race day. One had a broken leg. Another a concussion. Due to this, the races were delayed during the day. At the second race I had a good start. But suddenly I got hit and was off and had a crash. Soon we got the red flag and the race was stopped. Nick Duncker also had a hit and crashed very hard into the tires. This happened behind me, just after the start and finish line. Nick was been taken care of and taken off the track into the ambulance and into the organisation building. While waiting for the restart I tried to make clear to my parents that everything was benched again. Again the steering rod and ??. But as soon as Nick was away, we had the restart and so I had to drive with a not proper kart. This was not easy. Steering I had to do twice to get through the corner. I got out of lane all the time, but I did my best and drove a good race. Suddenly a helicopter circled above the track. It was for Nick to get him to the hospital in Koln. We were informed later that they expected that Nick might have a crushed spleen and broken ribs. Later at night we heard that it wasn?t that bad. Only crushed ribs and no internal bleedings. To be sure he had to stay at the hospital.

Sunday June 5 ? Chrono 4.
Again qualification after my dad had straightened the kart again. It was bend very seriously yesterday., This time it was not so good. The 15th place at the starting grid. The race was better. First race I end up 12th. Second race I had a super start, but got hit again and had to let pass a least 4 drivers. I finished 14th. Overall good for the 10th place.

Nick was release that night to recover at home. That was great news. I am curious if he will drive next race next month.

In the Dutch Championship I am now at the 11th place.  

BNL 3/4 -Ostricourt ? 21//22 mei

The race this weekend was quite nice. On Thursday we drove to Ostricourt to practice. Arthur, Axel, Ayrton and Hugo were also there, together with their brothers and parents. In the evening we drove back home, because we had to celebrate my grandmothers 70th birthday on Friday and I had to make important exams at school.

Saturday it was the first day of racing. It went quite well. 6ht with qualifying 5th in the first race and 10th in the second race that day. Even though the accident that happened in the first corner after the start. I was lifted and thrown on the grass outside. Luckily I kept my speed and with a lot of jumping a got back on the track as 19th of twenty. Rinus van Kalmthout was last, for the same happened to him. So I gained 9 people after this.

The next morning again qualifying. This time it was less. I was 3/10 short on the pole position and with this had the 13th position on the starting grid. The 3rd  race went better. I finished 7th. If I kept my door closed, I could have been 4th. With the results of this 3 races podium was in sight. Unfortunately it went totally wrong in the 4th race. With a reasonable start I was 5th, but due to bumping and pushing out of the track by others, I had to let pass them. But I fought back. Than I got a flag which I did not recognized. After twice having had the signal, I understood my fathers signal, I went in the pit lane and my father tie wrapped my bumper so I could join the race again. But the other were to far away to catch up. I drove the last rounds on almost ¾ track length distance. I became 18th, but with this results I missed the podium, but it was enough for a 8th place in this event.

What a pity, but up to the next time. Last race of the BNL is in august. 


Emmen ? Chrono 2 – 29 April  ? 1 May 2011
What a weekend!
On Friday morning we drove with the VZ-bus to the track of Emmen. Expecting to see the truck of VZ just before Emmen, for it would leave at 5.00 AM, we were surprised to meet within 20 minutes after our departure at 5.35 hrs. So we took back the gas from 120 km/hr to 80 km/hr and drove behind the truck to Emmen.
On are arrival at the track, we hurried to unload the truck and we put op the tents in no time. Each 20 minutes on the hour it was time for the mini?s to train. So I did. It appeared that I still had a second to gain on the fasted driver.
Saturday practice according the schedule. 15 minutes, but each 1,5 hrs. In a practice I was pushed out twice. Normally it is, eye for a eye and tooth for a tooth, so I told everybody to hear that I would push him out as well. As a result my I had to sit in the tent and wasn?t allowed to attend  the next session and had to watch the training beside the track. But it had result in the next session. Only 0,2 second short.
Sunday. After a good English breakfast with lots of bacon and sausages. We were about 7.45 hrs at the track. My mother was the mechanic for Amber Vasterman, this weekend. She had a little assistant of Kiwi (a guy from Peru).
The results: Free practice: 7 ? Qualifying: 4 ? First race: 3th and Second race: 7th. Overall good for podium on the 3th place. For me it was a super weekend, but for others a big disappointment. One very good pilot was, after an incident, disqualified for the hole event. Also others got disqualification for very unsupportive driving.
Emmen is a long way driving and there was very very windy, Chrono 2 - 1 mei 2011but I did my best and became 3th. With this I look forward to the promised Icecream!!!




Genk ? BNL 23-24 april 2011
Didn?t win still podium
On Friday morning it was rise and shine at 5 am. At 5.30 we left the house to go to the kart track of Genk. Before 8 O?clock we were waiting for the truck to move the trailer of VZ-racing to put on the spot where it had to stand for the BNL-racing weekend. After building up the tent. My mother built up the kart, but because she is not as fast a mechanic as my dad, I had to miss the first training. My dad was also with us, but he was also the mechanic for two Micromax drivers (Arthur and Axel Charpentier). Lucky enough, I was able to attend the second training. We found out that I was still half a second less fast than the top.
On Saturday the races started. With Free practise I was 15th of the 23 drivers. I surprised my mother, who did not want to believe me when I said so, to become 4th with qualification. The start did not went quit well, but I was able to continue my race. I became 6th. The second race, that day, was much better. For quite a while I was 3th, but let 2 man pass myself and became 5
Sunday. Again a hot day. The track was very slippery. Not due to rain or sand, but due to extremely much of flower dust. My free practise went up in smoke, because an electric wire was not fit well enough. So my engine ploft. My second qualification was much less than my first. Probably the pressure of the tires. I had to start from 14the places on the grid, but was able to gain 4 places. In the 4th and last race of the event, I had a good start en for a long time I was 3th  again. Michael Kuiper drove a very good race. From the second last place of the grid, he drove all his way to the front. I got a warning for giving Aron Valster a bump, but I was so sick of it that he was doing it to me. That why I decided to give one back to him, but I did this in front of the eyes of the organiser Boy Pijls. Lucky enough no penalty. I became 8th this race. I did not win, but overall of the event I was 4th on ?podium? and in my new racing suit I got my toffee out of the hands of the Belgium Formule-1-coureur Jerome d?Ambrosio.

 BNL 1 - Genk 24 april 2011

Chrono 1 – 20 March 2011 Velhoven

On Sunday March 20 was the First race of the Rotax Max Dutch Competition of the Chrono. On Friday I went training with my dad. It rained all day. Also on Saturday I trained and it was dry., Times driven were from 49,5 seconds until 50,5. I drove 50,0 seconds per round. Still 0,5 second shortage on the leading drivers. On Sunday I qualified 27th of the 31. I finished 23 in the First race and eventually finished 17 in the final race. Everything is quit well, but I still have to obtain some muscles. My teambudy, Micheal Kuiper, drove a good race and became second after Deniz Beckers and befor Charlotte Verkuijlen. Nick Duncker also drove very well, but was pushed of the track in the final lap and lost 4 places because of it.
Next race is May 1, at track Pottendijk – Emmen.

Berghem ? Rotax Max Winter Series 19 and 20 February 2011

Untrained with a kart directly from Campilos I drove two races this weekend. The whole team was summand to enter this event, so we also. It was very cold. Just like Campillos. With minus 1 we drove on the track and each time I thought that I lost my hand by freezing, but luckily I still have them.
It went well, but with qualifying I still missed 1,5 of a second  of pole position. 16th Place on the starting grid. In pre-finale I drove to place 12. At starting of final it was stress. My engine did not start. Luckily some people help and I could leave pit lane after 15 seconds. I had to drive very hard to catch up with the Group. I did not make before formation, but it became a restart and therefore I was aloud to retake my place. In this race I finished 11th.
On Sunday it was about the same. Although better time and pre-finale went well. Again engine starting failure, due to the mobine. But I could retake my place in time. I had a good start and drove on 8th place for quiet some time. Until I was in the middle of two other karts and had to give in. I had to wait a long time and had to let pass other drivers, before I could turn and continue the race again. I did my best, but finish almost last. Now up to the first Chrono of 2011, but first a week of skiing.


Campillos January 6-9, 21-22 and 29-30, 2011

Because of the International race of Rotax Max at Campillos in February 2011, the team drove the truck to Campillos to train. We also loaded the new kart into the truck and went there for three weekends to train, expecting better weather than in the Netherlands, because at time of decision all tracks were under need a pile of snow and it looked like it was going to be similar like last year, a long winter with a long time of snow. We took the plane to MalagaSpain, expecting warm weather. Warm weather there was, but not on times we were there. The days before and the days after were about 16 degrees, but on the days we were there it was plus 6, but sometimes felt like minus 6. And it rained also, so training there did not gave the satisfaction we expected. Although we had lots of fun with the other team members. Last weekend there was a race on Sunday, so I had some race experience with my new type of kart and engine. We were with 3 Mini max in the race, all Dutch, I finish second of them. I have a nice trophy to remember. 


17 October 2010 – Chrono 8 – Berghem
Stuppid and Top!! This weekend again First. On Friday I trained already to test the engines again. I sticked to the engine I have for training, because I feel comfortable with this one. Even if the others could run faster, I like this one most.
On Saturday it rained and it was cold. On a wet track I was fast. Later the track was dry, but I was still fast. On Sunday with qualification there were several drivers going after me to set their time. I tried to get lost of them, but wasn?t able. In my fifth round a set pole-position and was stopped early, but no one was able to overtake my time. So I started from pole together with Storm Broer, who raced for the first time in Rotax Max (8yrs), and was second. Well done Storm!.

In the first race I battled with Rasmus Lindh, Dylan Buys and Danny van den Berg. Danny passed the finish in front of me, but was disqualified. So in the second race I started again from first place at the grid. Again I had to fight with Rasmus, Dyland, Danny (who came all the way from the back) and Nelson Berghuis. In the last two round I was leading with Nelson at my rear bumper. But in the last corner I did not close my door enough and unexpectedly he passes me unbelievable fast and finish first. Which resulted in second place for me with 52 points and with that 3 point shortage of becoming third in Rotax Max Dutch Championship 2010. Max Zeegers was and kept this place. So congratulations Max. But weekend I was on the top place of the podium. 
Comment before the race:

Last race of the Chrono this year.  Bard Verkroost is already winner of this year.  Dylan Buys is almost sertain of being second. I can compete for the 3th or 4th place together with Max Zeeges and Jens van Geel. Exiting! We shall see.

2 october 2010 – Emsburen, Duitsland
Saturday morning 5.30 am we drove to  Emsburen. 3 hours later we arrived. We were aloud to stand in the tent of Ronald van Montfoort. There were many drivers. 13, I believe. In different classes, but most of them in cadet/rookie. Nice and cosy like this!
The trials went well. I had to get used to the different engine. It rained the whole day, so the track was very slippery. There were about 35 drivers on the track and many of them very often slipped off. I luckely not, perhaps ones. On Sunday it was dry, but the track was still wet. With qualification my dad had set the kart on dry-setting, but the track was still slippery, so I only had 11th time, but was 5th of cadet. We had to start twice. We got the redflag, which I did not see on time and I bumb into Nick for he suddenly slowed down. Sorry Nick! The rookies had to start seperate after we started but this went wrong, so we had to start allover. After the second start I was unlucky. I had a collision with Bard Verkroost. The kart was lifted and landed on the curfstones. The chain went off and as appeared later, my enginesupportclip was completely knokked off. So I became 8th (latest of cadet).
The second race was though. Nick Dunker was quiet far ahead and I had to fight with no. 18 and no. 77. I was gaining on Nick Dunker with a gap of approx. 2 seconds, when his engine suddenly failled on the straigth. A rookie bumped into him very hard.  I passed Nick at that time. Nick could drive further, but with no speed. I than only had to stay ahead of no.  77, who was faster than me, because on the straigth my engine also did blublu and last some speed. I had to slalom around the rookies, but was able to keep my first position until the finishline. With these two accomplishments I was overall 4th. Unfortuately of the ‘curfstone’ or was it the number?
Comment before the event:
For the first time I am gona drive RK1-class. It is with the 4-stroke Kadet 160 engine. It’s exiting, because I heard that it is a large field with propably the maximum of 34 drivers. Also  Ruben Real del Sarte, Nick Dunker and some others I know will be there. Nice!!  I shall see what I can accomplish. It is new to me. It also  means that I have to rise up early on Saturday and late  arrival back on Sunday, because it is at least a 3 hours drive to Emsburen. I have number 13, this one was still available.


26 september 2010 – Chrono 7 – Kerpen
Again first. On friday afternoon after school we drove to Kerpen. Together with Amber Vasterman and her mechanic George. We I-pod and it was nice that they joined this trip.
Saturday was training day. All went well and I was all trials fast. Also Danny van den Berg and Jens van Geel went fast that day. 
On Sunday Danny was faster than I in qualification, so had pole-position to start. At the formationlap of the pre-finale an accident happend and the race was stopped by the red flag. One pilot had spinned and another driver collised into him, was lifted and landed on his arm. Luckely for the boy who spinned, he was able to continue te race with a sour arm, but the other kid Joey Alders had a bended kart and could not enter the prefinale.
In this race I had a bad start. It was just like my kart would not want to go forward for a short while and had to let others pass before the first corner. Danny won the pre-finale with 8 seconds ahead of me, but was disqualified because of he missed just 0,1 kg, probably dued to the second start. In the second race I started froKerpen 26 september 2010m pole. Danny drove a very good race. Came all the way from the back and made it together with Jens van Geel and Dylan Buys very difficult for me to keep my first position. I kept my door closed and crossed the finish line just 0,04 second infront of Danny. I became first overall, but with a twisted taste. Because Danny was best this day. See you next time Danny…..

4&5 september 2010 – BNL/Chrono – Berghem
Whow it could not be better. At technical soutenering was my kart not good enough to get the aprooved tape. It missed a ring underneed the steeringwheel and therefore I had to surche for this ring. Luckely Ed and Sven van Koutrik, who also provided a mantling place in there tent, had an old one spare, so my mother could mounted this one and my kart was approoved.
Already in the two trials on friday, I was fast. I was almost half a second faster than the rest of the Micromax drivers. I was able to continue this all over the weekend. Unfortunately there were only 6 MicroBNL Berghem sep 2010max drivers and 6 Mini Parilla 60 drivers. We drove together, but our accomplishments were counted separately. The Mini’s are overall 0,5 second faster than the Micromax, so can not be overtaken. On the 1st, 2nd and 3the race I finish first of the Micro’s, but not of some Mini’s. But on the 4th race I really wanted to cross the finish line first and I DID! I had to fight for it, but left the Mini’s behind me, after an incident they had. I was told I did something which normaly can not be done. I drove the mini’s to …. Super proud I was.  I really became FIRST!!!

29 augustus 2010 – Chrono 6 Landsard
Super weekend! For the first time I won both raceLandsard Chrono 6 - 2010s. All went well. Papa gave me a new frame and it handled super. Engine runned well and I was able to left all other competitors behind me. In the beginning of the first race I had to fight with Dylan Buijs and Bard Verkoost, but ones infront a went ahead more and more. I could add a cup with Winner of the Chrono 6 at Landsard to my trofee clossed. Thanks John and Patrick and all others of VZ racing for the help and support you all gave me in the past!

7-8 August 2010 – BNL – Genk
It is quit exiting when I start this weekend. After 8 races I am thirth overalll. All things can happen. First place is already sertain to be kept by Charles Opdebeek. But together with Michael Kuiper I compeet for second place.
Unfortunaly it doesn’s go very well this event. Other drivers arBNL aug 2010e better and they stood on the podium together with Michael (3) for the results of this weekend. 
Luckely I had enough point to continue my thirth place of the BNL-compitition and I so I stood on the podium together with Charles Opdebeek (1) and Michael Kuiper (2). It was a complete MADDOX party!!!


uly 4, 2010 – Chrono 5 – Hahn Duitland
What a weekend! It was very hot. 36 degree Celsius. Luckely my dad had a good setting for the kart and in trials it looked very good. After qualifying I weight the kart and it was almost 110 kg. My dad took 2 kg off and added 1 kg with a fueltank almost empty.  In the races were Eric Stalh en Nelson Berghuis almost a second faster than the rest of the Micro’s and therefor no competitors for the rest.  But with the rest we had nice competitive fights and I  became thirth. But when I was weighted after this  race,  I was 107,5 kg and so 0,5 kg  to less of weight. My dad and mother were amaised, but even after checking the scale and second check of weight,the result was the samen  and was disqualified. I was very strange for I lost 1,5 kg somewhere?
Said and angry I started the second race as last driver. From that position I drove all the way to the thirth place again and showed my dad an mom that I can really drive. That day I was overall last and reveive a cup with a clow on it. This was really an understatement….