Welcome on my website. 

I am Rowan Grinwis and I was born on 21th of June 2000 in the Netherlands.  Rowan 13 jaar

Rowan Grinwis 12 aug 2006 - 6 jaar       When I was just 5 years old I started to drive go-kart.

My first time was at the track of go-kart club Strijen, which is an outdoor track. 
When I was 5,5,  I did the clubs Wintercourse, in which I learned the meaning of the flags, how to handle my kart and behave on the track. 
After I knew all this. I started to drive clubraces. I was 6,5 then.

When I just turned on to 8. I drove my first National race of the NAB with the Parilla 60cc in a Gillard mini kart.

In December 2009 I was invited to join a race at Sepang, Malaysia. Never driven a Rotax before and with a full field of 34 participants I became 10th overall. It was an experience, never to forget. 

In 2010 I drove Micromax with the Chrono and became 4th overall, after winning a lot of races. This year I also drove the BNL at Ostricourt and Genk and became 3th in this competition. I

In 2011 I started to drive Minimax. With the Maddox kart I entered  the Chrono and BNL competition.  I had a lot of sponsors then: Maddox-racing, PdB-racing,  Delta Logistiek, Tilllett racingseat, MIR, Speadwear, HO Van Meever, family and of course my parents.

In 2012 I lived in Belgium and with the Maranello of EGP I drove the VAS and 1 race of the BNL.  My nummer in this competition was 2. However due to material  failure I was not able to set this number this season.

2013: This year I did not drive. There was no money. I understood. Untill …….. we wanted to sell our engine and we offered it to Rafael Real del Sarte. He offered me to drive the two last races of the Chrono, so I did. Many thanks to Rafael, it was an exitement to drive in the mini-Max-class again. 

2014: A new year a new season in the Rotax junior-class. My dad started working at DHG and took care of Olivier Hart. Driving together is having fun for two and learning for two aswell. That is why I was allowed to drive this year together with Olivier in the Chrono NL Junior class. It was a good year. Ended up as 5the of the Junior-class and was the 3th Rookie. I got a nice trophee for it. 

2015: Allthough I am just 14 years and still able to drive in de Junior-class, I started to drive Senior. It is a class with a lot of experient and older pilots.  

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